One of the best Los Angeles wedding photographers about capturing "First Look" at your wedding

If you not sure if you wanna do the "First Look" pictures at your wedding - look at that ...

                                                                                                     GETTING MARRIED IN BEVERLY HILLS? CAN YOU SEE HER BEHIND HIM OR ITS JUST MY IMAGINATION ?!

                                                                                                     GETTING MARRIED IN BEVERLY HILLS? CAN YOU SEE HER BEHIND HIM OR ITS JUST MY IMAGINATION ?!

We done with preparation , you look like a queen, you are the queen, let see how the luckiest man in the world will be able to hold his tears oh happiness the he will turn around and see you !

Few seconds before he will see his love for the first time ! Lets capture that at your wedding in Beverly Hills , LA
                                                                                                                  WOULD YOU BE NERVOUS AT YOUR BEVERLY HILLS WEDDING?  HE IS NERVOUS , HE IS READY TO SEE HER

He knows that his future wife is most beautiful lady in the universe , he have seen her in her best when they went to meet his parents for first time, when they went for dinner together, he seen her in sad moments, we all have them in our lives ... He loves her as she is, he is ready to spend with her the rest of his live.. But if he can even imagine how gorgeous she is today? Do you want to see their faces and reactions when they will turn to each other?! Why would you want to miss that moment when all stress of the wedding day will step back and their emotions will make you teared? Girl, do you know how many times shooting the first look at the wedding it was so emotional and touching so I had to hide my tears behind the camera?? It is probably the most "pure" minute of the wedding , if you do have wedding photographer - make sure you guys will have it in your album! Every wedding photo is important, all of them mean something for you, some more , some less, but those moments is "must to have"! Some couple are so in love with their "First Look" photos - so that was the ones that they ordered huge canvas print for their wall ! Don't miss it. Do it.

                                                       I TOLD YOU ...HAPPY TEARS ! LETS DO THE FIRST LOOK AT BEVERLY HILLS!

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And please do not try to hold your emotions! Let it go! This is your day!

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