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The Mystery of Love. Key West Wedding Photographer

  How often did you think what the love is? Mystery? Dream? Paradox? Why it just happens and nothing you can do? Why between you two? Accident? Or someone pick you? Chemistry ? Or Miracle? Why you can't think about anything else and can't breath if you are not together? Should you try to control it or just dissolve in it and let it direct you? There is so many questions ...

  These two I met in Key West did not come to me with the answers, it was looks like they don't really care. They just DO LOVE. And I wanted to capture it beauty the best I could . So when I met them I said to myself - I have to try something special! I put my Canon 5d back in the bag and got the good old film Pentax I was experimenting with ! Let's do it on film today! No rush, no hundreds of photos hoping to pick few good ones later, slow down, see the love, feel it, and stop the moment! So even I can't consider myself as film wedding photographer, I loved that experience , hope you will love the results too! Oh did I say they just find out that they'll have to share the love soon!

Thank you for looking, Misha, Key West Wedding Photographer! More from the blog HERE