Key West Wedding Photography

                                                    Key West Wedding Photography

Creating the perfect Florida wedding


  Have you ever walked by the  ocean on the warm Florida send , listening to the calming sound of the waves , feeling the warmth of the sun few minutes before it will hide behint the horizon and holding the hand  of the human being who took your soul forever giving own in exchange ? Sounds too good to be true? Than you have to come here. And to make it even more exited - come here to get married!

  So there is two of you at one of the most desireble and beautiful wedding destinations and ready to say "yes" to each other - isn't that should be enough for the perfect wedding? Or is there anything else very important that will make your wedding album look like magazine cover? Assuming you already have the best wedding photographer you could immagine - you still will need the help of those professionals who will bring  all the colors , style , charm and beauty that will make your wedding outstanding! 

  This photo shoot was designed by amazing team of wedding industry professionals who know everything about how the perfect wedding should look like! - one of the best Key West wedding photographers - Lena Perkins and Linara Dulatova - one of the best wedding designers . So if you want something more than just documenting your wedding day - you know where to look at!